In the Interest of Time

In the Interest of Time

Clean as a wet dog on a cold day

I really don’t know how time slips away the way it does, but it did, and suddenly it’s December 12th 2011.  The adventure of moving to Portland this year is beginning to feel something like normal, and plans for 2012, presumably our last on the planet, are in full swing.

This isn’t one of those heavy, “How to be a better person” posts that I seem to gravitate toward, but a simple reflection on a new life in a grand new place.

This year has been one for the record books.  In addition to the big move, I assumed a new position, heading west coast operations for a super duper company called BubbleUp Interactive, who I used to compete with, ironically.  (If ya can’t beat ‘em, take their money and head West, I say.)  I’m having a BLAST working for clients like Margaritaville and BB Kings Blues Clubs, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Alan Jackson, Terrry Fator and a truckload of others.  I am also honored to be called a mentor at the Portland Incubator Experiment (PIE), and I’ve made a few new friends with folks like Mitch Daugherty and Linda Weston, who have been tremendously helpful in plugging me in with the local movers & shakers.

On the personal hobby front, I have learned to brew my own beer from scratch, fish for salmon and steelhead in the mighty (and minor) rivers of the Pacific Northwest, and just this week, I got to spend a few solid days with my dog, Mattie.  You see, my dear bride took a visit to Nashville without us, so it was “dad and dog time” for the two of us.  She even got a bath.

The year has not been without its misadventures.  I busted a finger breaking the rules out at Scottco, a farm my buddy Scott Graves & his pal Pickle run out in West Tennessee.  I bailed on my bike in downtown Portland and learned first hand why the Tri-Met tracks are to be avoided at all costs. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t destroy the side-view mirror on our new CR-V, backing out to take Laura to the airport at 4:45am.  Just a really great way to start the day in general.

Life is good, dear friends.  (And random people I don’t know that somehow find this website through a myriad of random search terms.)

2012 should be a good year.  I have an idea for a book that is tentatively titled Raising Icarus.  I hope to get back to Nashville at least a few times to hang out with my buddies down South, and I think that this might just be the year that I win the lottery.  I’ve heard that you can’t win if you don’t play, so I can only assume that when I do, I will. #flawlesslogic

I hope it’s been a solid year for you too, good readers from the Internet. Thanks for stopping by and have a very merry new year!

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  1. Still feeling so thankful that Ben was able to have you as a prof at Belmont before you left for the west coast. So glad that things are going well for you. Love keeping up with the things that you’re doing. Much success in the new year!

  2. I usually hate reading sappy new years posts but this one made my day! I’ve always been inspired by you diving head first into whatever you get yourself into and now that your in Portland (which I’ll be there in a week without you!) your blog is the next best thing! Make sure to post some pics of your home brews and the best of luck in your ventures in 2012!!

  3. Sounds like you’ve settled into life there really well. I did notice that many of your clients reek of Nashville… So you should probably just move back now. Ok?

    I’ve done the bike in the street car tracks in Toronto. Luckily I was wearing a helmet, I would have been toast otherwise.

    Take care man. Hope to see you when you’re back in Music City.

    • Ha! Thanks, man. I think my wife would be happy to hear you suggest that we return. We certainly do miss our friends but hope to be back a few times to soothe the ache this year.

      Fortunately, I was wearing a helmet too, which has a nice road scar now to prove it. I did aggravate an old wrist injury, but no doctors had to get involved. ;-)

      Thanks so much for sayin’ hi, man! You know you’re one of my heroes in the social media space, right? Hope it’s an awesome new year.

  4. Chris Allen |

    Just thought I’d drop by and read whats new with Pinky. We have something in common, hey. Brewing Beer from scratch. It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it. Trappist Belgian ales, Black IPA’s and a good Nut Brown Ale. Humm they just seem to make life better don’t they.

    Take care,

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