Gravity vs. Inspiration

Gravity vs. Inspiration


Gravity is a pretty handy thing. It keeps us sticking to the giant rock in the sky we call home. It prevents our stuff from floating willy nilly about. It keeps rivers flowing toward the sea and rain falling from the sky. All around, gravity is a pretty handy thing.

Inspiration is a pretty handy thing as well. It propels us toward the stars; challenges us to achieve ever-greater goals. It gives us meaning and focus and drive. Inspiration is a pretty handy thing.

But sometimes we mistake inspiration for gravity. We feel that because we are pulled in a certain direction, it must be our destiny. Our purpose. Our source.


But there is a dark side to inspiration. It is the feeling that if you do not achieve your dreams, “you’ll just DIE!” That our talents are a curse if they cannot be applied to our profession. That our professions are a curse if they cannot provide the luxurious quality of life we desire. The feeling that all we want now is all we have ever wanted or will ever want. And that nothing less than everything will ever fill us full.

Gravity and inspiration are motivational forces, compelling us to expand and contract. To reach out and return.

But life is the journey in between.

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  1. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking gravity is inescapable. They never leave their home town, current job, college major or even current relationship because they feel like they’re stuck.

    In those situations, inspiration can often be the only thing to overcome that gravity.

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